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Samsung SC-MX20: camcorder designed for YouTube

September 2, 2008

The Samsung SC-MX20 looks in the first part as if it will be a good little camcorder, and it is the YouTube video site mode that Samsung hope will help the sales of the device.
The SC-MX20 records video at 720×480 and is able to record in an optimized YouTube mode. Basically, it records at a native YouTube resolution and FPS, so nothing is “lost” when you upload the video. That’s useful for, well, people like us, grabbing quick video clips of odds and ends and then uploading them from the floor of an airport or something.
Well a price tag of just $280 tells that the Samsung SC-MX20 is more than cheap enough for the uTube fans to own one of these camcorders.


YouTube video: Christian the Lion

July 24, 2008’s 2 mins 28 seconds that should reinforce the knowledge that our connection with nature and the natural world has a power and strength to it that supercedes anything we may value in the material world.
This completely made my heart melt! I absoloutley love this footage. People really underestimate these beautifal animals. All animals for that matter. Love certainly knows no limits! Love to all!!!

YouTube video: Most Impossible Guitar Hero 3 Song

June 25, 2008

Wow. That’s insane. How is any human supposed to do that?
That isn’t really humanly possible, it would be insanly hard even for the best guitarists in the WORLD to move there finger that fast for the hammer-ons… Just can’t beat that song ever.