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YouTube video: Christian the Lion

July 24, 2008’s 2 mins 28 seconds that should reinforce the knowledge that our connection with nature and the natural world has a power and strength to it that supercedes anything we may value in the material world.
This completely made my heart melt! I absoloutley love this footage. People really underestimate these beautifal animals. All animals for that matter. Love certainly knows no limits! Love to all!!!


YouTube Video Earns Avril Lavigne $2 Million

July 24, 2008

Avril Lavigne has earnt $2 million in the last twelve months from just one video being shown on YouTube, it has emerged.
During the last year, the promo clip for the pop-punk singer’s ‘Girlfriend’ single has had over 100 million views. The revenue was generated from adverts that are displayed each time a fan watched the video.